Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back in Tokyo

Hey everyone, I'm back in Tokyo for the summer! The first night was exciting as always, meeting up with friends in my favorite place, the wall to wall vinyl restaurant Bamii, and ending up DJ-ing in Koenji One. The next day I was free and we went to see the awesome Milla and the Geeks playing live, and on Sunday I had my first show. I was lucky to play to an awesome audience at the Uhnellys album release party in Shibuya Lush with Uhnellys and Yolz in the sky, two bands that I really like a lot. 
Since then it's been rainy as fuck and I experienced my first typhoon as well. Me and Zana are settling into our new home for the summer and I'm finalizing the new releases I've got planned for the near future. There's a ton of gigs I've got coming up and even more gigs I want to see, so you can expect a bunch of concert reports and videos of my favorite Japanese bands on the blog.

Here's a clip from my gig in Shibuya. I played some new stuff and I felt it went down well:

If you're in Japan there's a bunch of my gigs coming up:
30.6.-Tokyo, Shibuya Module
6.7.-Tokyo, Koenji One (DJ set)
7.7.-Osaka, IKOIKO
13.7.-Tokyo, Koenji DOM
14.7.-Tokyo, Shibuya Echo
20.7.-Fukuoka, Utero
21.7.-Kokura, UN
22.7.-Kumamoto, Navaro
30.8.-Tokyo, Koenji 20000V

31.8.-Tokyo, Shibuya Ruby Room 

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