Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey guys, I'm happy to have a bunch of exciting announcements for the following weeks... I'm really lucky to be able to play the amazing UF festival in Križanke this coming Tuesday (June 12th), and it seems my gig is scheduled right between Crystal Castles and the Ting Tings! Really looking forward to seeing Willie Moon, and we all know New Wave Syria and Barely Modern are going to be awesome. 

For more event information check:

A day after the festival I'll be heading off to Japan, where I plan to spend the summer. I've got quite a few nice Tokyo gigs scheduled, as well as Osaka and a tour of Kyushu. It will be great to get back on stage and play some events with my favorite bands Uhnellys, Jebiotto and Praha Depart. Here's the first batch of gigs, and I'll be posting more details soon.

17.6.-Tokyo, Shibuya Lush
6.7.-Tokyo, Koenji One (DJ set)
7.7.-Osaka, IKOIKO
13.7.-Tokyo, Koenji DOM
14.7.-Tokyo, Shibuya Echo
20.7.-Fukuoka, Utero
21.7.-Kokura, UN
22.7.-Kumamoto, Navaro

I've mostly been playing gigs and organizing events these past few months, but I've also been working on tons of music which I'm going to put out shortly. There's a brand new hip hop EP, as well as a new electronic project in the making, so please stay tuned for more info!
See you around!

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